CV. INTI SUKSES established in 2010, based on notarial deed No. 13. - The year 2010, which stands in Bekasi with mainline business in the field of document Travel, Expatriate and Company Document Service both "PMA" and "PMDN". But before the 2010 the owner has doing this business since 2000 as freelance consultant, then 10 years later he decided to legalized and start up the company that be in accordance with him because of growing client's.

Experience in the field of licensing, extensive network and close relationships are fostered well with almost all government agencies and the entire Client makes CV. INTI SUKSES thrive. It is a form of client satisfaction with the services our service marked the broader range of business areas and more products services from our company. Where customer satisfaction is our services purpose.

Along with growing investment in Indonesia and also to challenge good government and good administration programs to increase productivity, we will assist in the preparation of documents required for the foreign company in Indonesia. Foreign workers are increasingly required in Indonesia and is evident from the increasing number of foreign workers who enter in recent years.

It also increases the production sector in Indonesia. We are ready to help you for handling immigration and other issues necessary in Indonesia, for doing and growing your bussiness. Don't hesitate and let's saving your time with contact us to get excellent service. We are responsibility, we take care of all the documents that can be accounted for.

Business area CV. INTI SUKSES covers all regions in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, West Java, Banten, Central Java, East Java and Bali.
Our Company Legal Permit from Government

Before we are doing this legal activities firstly, you have to know that we are allowed by government to doing this business activities, this is legal certainty to make sure your permit have working correctly and based of government "SOP". This was make we are different from other company with same business.

our legal basics standing :
• Notarial deed no.13, 17-06-2013, by Ms.Kania Nursanti
• Obtaining operating licenses immigration services by "head of regional office ministry of law & human rights"
• Comanditaire Vetnoorshap company registered by "city government"
• Domicilie letter
• Trading business license by "city government"
• Tax register, enterpreneur tax, company tax, by "regional tax office"
Our Client's