Working Permit
TA. 01

         Working permit is some permits that both of you and company must have to working in Indonesia as a employee or even shareholders and owner.
Resident Permit

Immigration Permit
Single Exit Re-entry Permit
Multiple Exit Re-entry Permit
Exit Permit Only
       Residence permit is given to expatriate with Indonesian to living in Indonesia with a limitless time based on law of immigration of Indonesia. The difference betwen working permit is just you dont have to get RPTKA,IMTA, and pay the DPKK tax. And you can sponsored by Indonesian.
Company License
• Principal Permit from BKPM
• Fixed Business Permit/IUT - industry
• Fixed Business Permit/IUT non - industry
• Master List / custom free facility.
• UKL/UPL (Environmental Management Efforts) for business in Industry special area.
• Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL).
• Related Warehouse/GB
• Industrial List Certificate/TDI
• Industrial Business Permit/IUI
• Disturbance Laws/UUG-HO
• SIUJPT - Freight Forwarding Business Operational Permit.
• NPIK - Special Importer Registration Number
• API - Importer’s Identification Number (Public/Producer).
• SRP - Custom Registration Certificate
• Bonded Zone/ Kawasan Berikat
• Patent & Trademark Registration
• Business Description
• Location
• Shareholders
• Name of company ( 2 name for option )
• Registering at Indonesia Investment & Coordinating Board
• Notarial Deed of Establishment
• Domicilie letter
• Company Tax Identifier Number
• Ministry of Law & Human Rights Certificate
• Company List Certificate
• Trading / Other Business Permit
Establishing PT-PMA
Representative Office
                   A Representative Office can be established depending upon the line of business and the necessary licenses issued by the related government department. The limitation of a Representative Office is that they are not allowed to conduct direct sales and cannot issue Bills of Lading.
                 Representative offices are set up primarily for marketing, market research, or as buying or selling agents. The related government ministries are :

•Representative Office from Ministry of Industry & Trade - for bilateral trade
•Representative Office from Ministry of Public Work - for consultant or contractor
•Representative Office from Ministry of Mining - for mining activities
•Representative Office from Ministry of Finance - for banking
•Representative Office from Investment Board (BKPM) - regional representative

                To establish a Representative Office with permission from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the company's head office needs to issue three letters:

1.Letter of Intent - stating the intention of the company to establish a representative office
2.Letter of Appointment - stating the appointment of the chief representative
3.Letter of Statement - stating that the Chief Representative will follow Indonesian regulations

              The three letters must be stamped by a notary public and approved by the Indonesian Embassy in the home country of the firm. Upon approval, the Indonesian Embassy will issue a Letter of Notification (Surat Keterangan). Upon completion of the four letters the process can continue to the related government ministry in Jakarta, to incorporate a fixed license for 2 years. Other ministries require different types of letters.
SKCK/Letter of good conduct/PCC
SKJ/Letter to travel